2003 Canvas Castle

2003 Home Haunt to be on Buena Vista Ave between 2nd& 3rd Ave near Larkey Park in Walnut Creek, CA

To build a castle facade on the front of Matt's garage, Matt first priced out 4x8 ft plywood and 2x4" wood to build it with, but it was going to be $250, just in lumber in CA.

My friend Matt purchase 2 16ft by 12ft canvas painting drop cloths from Home Depot for $26 each.

Stiched together with zip ties, it makes a 16 ft tall castle 24ft wide.

3 Gallons of gray paint later, and he had a grey drop cloth to paint a castle on.

Matt assembled a PVC frame that followed the A frame shape of the roof and will secure with sandbags or water cubes. The canvas is grommeted and screwed to the PVC top bar.

The black parts of the castle are marked out with black paint and dark grey paint was used to form the grout/mortar.

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