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Eyes In The Bushes

Here's a simple, yet effective, method to make randomly blinking "eyes" that you can string through bushes, or in any other out of the way location, and create the illusion of tiny creatures watching your every step.

This project uses the small, plastic canisters that photo film is often packaged in . For a ready source, go to a film lab in your area and ask if they have any film canisters you can have. Film labs normally recycle these containers, and, not having any other use for them, oftentimes they give them away. The only caveat is that the canisters must be opaque, preferably black, with opaque lids.

In recent years, manufacturers have developed very sophisticated running (or chasing), blinking, twinkling holiday light sets. I highly recommend the style of lights pictured here, for a couple of reasons: first, and I feel is the most important reason, is they have a built-in, electronic circuit controller that has eight, separate, distinct lighting effects. The effect I use is a total random sequence that varies from blinking to fading, from individual bulbs to groups of bulbs and all effects run for a random length of time. The other reason I like this brand is, that the bulbs are very small and do not generate a lot of heat, even when the bulb has been on for a long period of time.

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