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This tutorial provides the steps necessary to build a wood, wire mesh and paper mache prop for Halloween displays, parties or events. It is a stylized tree with human-like tree limbs reaching out to snatch up the unsuspecting. The ghoulish face glows a fiery red revealing the demons that lurk within and the top of the tree shows where the trunk was "snapped off" during a wickedly, ferocious Halloween storm.

If you're reasonably handy, and have the proper tools, you can build this fun and satisfying project in a month or so (working just nights and weekends or quicker if you really get after it). Familiarize yourself with these instructions and the accompanying photographs and drawings before beginning.

I feel you can build this entire project with a jigsaw (a bandsaw is nice though), a circular saw, drill, hot-glue gun, construction stapler, metal snips (or cutters), hammer, screwdriver, utility knife, measuring tape, a bucket or two, and a lot of newspapers.

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