Ok, this may not be the most realistic tombstone out there, but it's easy, cheap, & doesn't take wierd items or 3 months to create.
You'll need a non-shiney box, scissors, box cutter, hot glue gun- I reccomend LOW TEMP, grey spray paint, black spray paint, black marker, spanish moss-($1.99 a bag at any craft store.)

Firstly, I removed all tape & stickers, then I cut the bottom flaps off of my box, but left approximately 1 inch 'tabs' at the corners so I can anchor it down later.

Then I arranged & cut the top flaps, & used scraps from the bottom flaps, to make a 'peaked' tombstone look. Cut out a cross from scraps, sliced a slice on top to squeeze it in, then I hot-glued the whole mess together, including the cross. Don't forget the edges!

Then I used nearly a whole can of grey spray paint- & it didn't even cover all the print on my box! But I sprayed black over those areas in quick, short bursts. Came out rather well nonetheless!

Nextly, I printed out what I wanted on my tombstone (besides pepperoni Ha!) In a nifty font. Our name & wedding year- nope, I apparently am not superstitious! I sat & cut out the lettering, leaving a stencil that I taped to my box stone & markered in with my marker. Then I removed the stencil & cleaned up the edges a little. There's probably an easier way, & maybe you're steady enough to copy it freehand, but I'm not. Then I hot glued on some moss- you're definately not going to want a high temp gun for this since you'll be pressing stringy moss to it & glue is going to seep through & get ya!

Halloween night I'll add a crow & some spiderweb, & hopefully it won't rain! These box-stones also can unglue & break down flat for easier storage.

Ok, go back to the Graveyard

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