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My Haunted Bird Bath

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I got this idea from another site with a prop similar to this and I kind of modified it. Basically, I used a cheap plastic bird bath I bought at a garden center for less than $5, a computer speaker, some paint to antique the bird bath, and made a simple LED color organ from Jim Kadel's site. Go to the link for schematics: LED Schematic You can see that I used Bucky skulls for this too. I took the speaker and glued it into the bottom of the bird bath with Liquid Nails ( I had to cut some of the bottom out to make it fit) and built up the base with some DOW foam to make it stable. I cut a hole in the actual bath so that the wiring and sound could come through (I also added a circle of DOW foam here as well to make the skulls stable). The base serves as a megaphone effect with the sound, when the sound comes out of the speaker the hollow base actually makes it louder. I didn't discover this until it was put together..Duh! I wired three LED circuits to the speaker with the color organ, glued the Bucky skulls down, painted the foam that the skulls were on, glued moss and leaves and that's it! I used a cheap cassett player with a loop tape of growling/groaning and this got alot of attention in the graveyard. It's a simple effective prop that was fun to build. Tip: you will need some sort of support as a caution because it is very top heavy (I hammered a piece of rebar in the ground and wrapped wire around the base and rebar so it wouldn't topple)


Monster Manor Plaque

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This neat prop was made from the notorious Douglas Fir singing Christmas Tree. I followed the instructions to make this from Chris Silva at his site at Lamar Manor. Go to his site to see his directions: Lamar Manor Basically, it is a stripped Dougie mounted on a couple of layers of Dow foam (ya gotta love that stuff!!) and Crayola Modeling Magic was used to mold the face. The great thing about that stuff is is that it's very lite and it can air dry. After I modeled the face, I went over it with a mixture of Crayola Magic and water (mix the two till it is "soupy") and painted over the face to smooth it out and fill in any cracks. The "circles" in each corner were carved using a dremel. I then painted it with grey & black latex paint and added moss. This guy was placed by our front door to greet our TOT's (I didn't have him out yet on the previous page when I took pics) Tip: make sure you get a Dougie with the auxiliary jack so you can use another sound source. Otherwise you'll end up having this neat scary prop that can only sing "Jingle Bells".

An easy Tombstone

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This one was very easy. I bought this hollow white plastic cross around Easter time at a craft/pottery store called Old Time Pottery. I took it home and "antiqued" it with furniture stain & paint. I then drilled a 1 inch diameter hole in the bottom and snaked in a small string of battery powered Christmas lights (I let them kind of bunch up in the bottom). After that I hammered a piece of rebar in the ground and slid the cross over it and turned on the lights. It gave off an eerie glow that started at the bottom and emanated towards the top. Tip: keep an eye out (no pun intended! ;-) ) for these crosses at any large craft or pottery store around Easter. They're a very quick, cheap 3D tombstone to add to your graveyard.


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