Red Cross National Disaster Relief Fund

To thread this we drilled a hole on the back of the end post where the "Start Here" is labeled. We then drilled a hole on the side of the same post - where you see the rope coming out of #1. We threaded the rope through the back hole and out the side hole. Tie a knot at the end of the rope and pull the rope all the way through; the knot will be on the back of the post where it won't be visible from the front. Drill through the angled pipes and thread through. For this we used a 1" bit. When we got to the bottom cross posts (#2) we drilled a hole in the top then in the side facing the back. This is so the rope is again running along the back so no one can see it from the front. Pull the rope through and drill a hole in the back and top (#3). Repeat till done. At the end make sure there isn't any slack in the web, pull the rope tight and tie off. We burned the knots a little to keep them secure.

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