The house of Haunted Illusions 2000.(1/4)

As you first come to the front gate, there's a Gatekeeper that lets you through and tells you
"Welcome, a guide will meet you further ahead, you must follow this guide."

As you walk up the driveway you see ahead someone is waiting for you.
It's your guide, he warns you:
"You must follow me, do not to touch anything or you may become part of this Haunted House,... Forever!"
Different antique items are on a table. The guide speaks again:
"One of these items will help on your way, please choose one wisely and to carry it with you untill you are asked for it!"

First scene:

You follow the guide into a dark room,the guide points to a table in the middle of the room, behind the table a witch, and a Ouija board with it's pointer on it, lit candles, the witch starts reciting words from a seance.
"The hour has come for you to be released, Oh, spirits of the past, come forth and claim your right to be among the living!"

The lights flicker,you hear a sound like a moan, but you can't say where it's coming from,the sounds starts moving faster, louder and from all around the room, then you hear a loud scream the lights go out and everything stops abruptly! The candles come back on!
The guide tell you to follow them.

Follow the guide!

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