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If you think that your site is amongst the best of the best, there is
only one sure way to find out. Apply for one of my awards. All you to
do to be able to apply is follow these simple rules, failure to do so
will result in your site being ignored. 
No porn of any kind.
Nothing to do with the abuse of children.
No 'hate' or 'racist' sites. 
Do not ask for a specific award, I will choose the award, if any.
Your site MUST be a horror site.
If none of this presents itself as a problem to your site then just 
click here to submit your site for review.
Remember to include your name, email address, your sites url and reasons
why you think it should win an award. 
Be warned, I do not use these awards as tools for my own promotion, I 
must consider your site outstanding to win because I do not give them 
out freely. If however you do win, you shall be notified within a week
and your award shall be sent with your or your sites name enscribed upon it.

First is the "Dark Site Award".
This is the easiest of the three awards to win. All your site needs to be
is above average and well designed.

"The second is the "Beauty In Darkness Award".
This is a little harder to obtain mainly because there is not really 
anything in particular that I look for. It just must be something that
I consider to have a beauty of all it's own. I shall know when I see 
your site if this award applies. Do not be downhearted if you win this
award, it means your site is truly something special.

Now we arrive at the hardest of all the awards to win. The "Superior Dark
Site Award". For you to win this award your site must be of the highest
quality and design. No broken links, no mistakes, interesting to read, 
etc. If it's an original concept, something I haven't seen before, then 
you stand a better chance than others.

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