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From time to time 'Castle Dracula' has been fortunate to be viewed by an
individual who was so impressed by what they saw that they considered my
site to be worthy enough to be awarded one of their awards. Here is where
all my awards are kept and displayed. When I received my first award, I 
considered it an honour, to have recieve so many is something that I never
expected to do. All those longs nights of hard work and long frustration
when things wouldn't look how they should suddenly meant something. It
meant no matter how unhappy I am at times with my efforts, there are those
that have appreciated what I have done and would like me to know it. That
is when it is decided it was all worth the aggravation and just maybe I 
didn't do such a bad job after all. To all those that have bestoewed these
various awards, "I thank you." 

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