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Occasionally, I have been known to write some poetry. Of course, it is not just
any kind of poetry, but dark, twisted, horror related type of poetry.   
I have placed some of what I consider my better attempts below. If you think you
can rival my mind for sheer dementedness and can write your own horror inspired
poetry, then send it to me. If I agree, I will place it below for the rest of 
my visitors to behold in awe. Remember though, it must be related to the horror
genre in some way. Any "gothic suicidal type of mush" will not be considered.
There sites catering for this all over the internet. Here I want something 
different from the norm. Something to worry any psychologists reading this out 
there. After all, we're constantly reminded how horror films corrupt our minds,
so lets prove them right. 

A Countess For Dracula - Composed By Dracula.

A Forbidden Love - Composed By Dracula.
Evil That Men Do - Composed By Chardross.
I Am Dracula - Composed By Jahna Kirsch.
I Am Vampire - Composed By Dracula.
Love Damned - Composed By Jechristina.
Sharpening My Hatchet - Composed By SilentStalker.
Thrill Of Death - Composed By Fallen Angel.
Unwed - Composed By Jechristina.
Vampire Dreams - Composed By Scarlet.
What Children Fear - Composed By Black Fang.

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