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Here, I, would like to showcase all you up and coming authors/authoress's by
allowing you to have your dark writings displayed here for all to read.
To have your own horror stories placed here, all you need to do is send me 
your story as well as your name and site address (if you have one). You will
then have your story placed upon it's own page, if you wish, you may also 
include a short biography to go at the base of your story. Needless to say 
your stories shall be credited to you. 

Another War, Another Time Written By Scal Williams.

Creature Feature Written By William Meikle.
Four Views From A Murder Written By Scal Williams.
Shadows In The Rain Written By Fallen Angel.
Submission Written By Lisa Jane Walden.
The White Wood Shadows Wriiten By Wolf By Night and Erin.

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