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The reviews placed here are for collectable horror toys. Many horror fans
like to collect toys so here reviews shall be placed of various figures,
games, basically, if it's a toy of any kind then it stands a chance of 
being reviewed here. If you're an avid collector of horror themed toys,
then why not join 'Castle Dracula' as an official 'staff member' reviewing
them. To do so, just click on the 'Join My Staff' link in the menu to the 
left for details of this and other vacancies. New reviews will be placed
here whenever I can. Check my front page under 'Castle Dracula Updates' 
to see what latest reviews have been placed.

Limited Edition 12" Ash Figure - Reviewed By Dracula.

Limited Edition 12" Evil Ash Figure - Reviewed By Dracula.
Limited Edition 12" Phantom Of The Opera/ Mask Of The Red Death Figure - Reviewed By Dracula.
Limited Edition 12" 'Son Of Frankenstein' Figure - Reviewed By Dracula.
Stan Winston Creatures 'Blood Wolves' Figures - Reviewed By WolfByNight.
Universal Studios' Monsters Chess Set - Reviewed By WolfByNight.
Order Silver Screen Edition 12 inch Figures

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