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The problems with running such a big site is that it takes up so much time, something 
I now have very little of. So I have decided to look for some "staff" to help me with
this task. Unfortunately I will not be able to pay you. However, if you have your own 
site, I will help promote you as much as I can. If not, then you will just have to settle
with seeing your name associated with Castle Dracula. I will add your name, photo, site 
name (if you have a site) and banner to the "About My Staff" page along with a bio about
yourself. I will also add your sites link (again, if you have one) to whatever work you 
do. All you need to be is a good writer, have a couple of hours spare every week and 
obviously have a passion for horror. Below is a current list of vacancies that I have.
If you wish to apply for a vacancy, be warned, I am choosy, just send me details about
yourself, your site (if you have one) and which vacancy you wish to apply for. 
Don't forget to include a sample of your work. This can be done by clicking here.
I will then get back to you normally within a couple of days.

- Horror Movie Reviewer - 
Do you consider yourself to have an encylopedic mind about the world of horror and only stop watching horror movies to grab a quick snack? If you hate the idea that "Buffy" and "Angel" are classed by most as horror, are opiniated and can write a detailed review once a week then you just may have what it takes to become a "Castle Dracula Horror Movie Reviewer."
- Extreme Horror Movie Reviewer -
Do you fit all the above criteria but watch mostly the more extreme side of horror like the Asian "Cat III" films and movies like "Nekromantik" and "Premutos" then maybe you'd be more suited as an "Extreme Horror Movie Reviewer."
- Horror Novel Reviewer -
Again, if you fit the criteria for a horror movie reviewer but instead of celluloid you prefer the written word, then perhaps you would like to review books as "Castle Dracula's Horror Novel Reviewer." Remember though, this is a horror site and not a vampire site, so your reviews must cover a broad spectrum of the horror genre and not just Anne Rice, etc.
- Horror Movie Merchandise Reviewer -
Are you a collector of horror movie merchandise? Do you collect the "Side Show Collectable" horror figures or "Todd McFarlane Horror Figures?" In fact, if you collect any horror memorabillia, why not apply for the position of "Castle Dracula's Horror Movie Merchandise Reviewer."
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