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For some bizarre reason you have chosen to come to this page to learn a little
about the lunatic responsible for Castle Dracula. Okay here we go. 
My name is Steve. I was born September 1st 1968. I live in the United Kingdom
I am roughly 5 foot 11. I have very dark brown eyes and even though I now shave
my head so I'm bald as a coot, I once had long dark brown flowing locks.
In all I have 12 tattoo's on my body. One on each hand, 3 large ones around each 
forearm and 2 even larger ones at the top of each arm. I also have one's that 
covers my chest and one that covers the most of my back.
Below, is a picture of me from quite a few years ago, a bit "slightly worse for 
wear" due to the demon drink.

I have been married once but was stabbed in the back one too many times, so I
got a divorce. It's a long boring story which I will not bother with here. 
I now live with my new fiancee (some people never learn), Scarlett, plus our 
two gorgeous daughters, Rebecca Lauren and Layla Mary. 

My favourite type of music is "Heavy Metal". Especially "old school" from the 
70's. Below is a picture of myself dressed up as Alice Cooper from when I was 
roughly around 18. Why I keep these pictures I'll never know.

My favourite group is 'Queen' closely followed by 'Kiss,' then 'Marilyn Manson'
and 'Manowar.'
I like most types of genre though providing it's not "Dance" or anything similar.
Obviously my favourite type of film is horror. Some of my favourites movies are 
'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,' 'Dee Snider's Strangeland,' 'The Nightmare On Elm 
Street series,' 'The Evil Dead series,' 'Cannibal Holocaust,' 'Ju-on Series,' 'Ring,' 
'Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer,'  and way too many more to mention. 
Again like my music, I have very varied tastes in films. 
My alltime favourite non-horror movies are 'The Star Wars Series,' 'Clerks,' 'Mallrats,'
'Chasing Amy,' 'Dogma,' 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,' 'Leon - The International 
Version,' 'The Alien Series,' all Bruce Lee movies. In fact comedies, weepies, etc. 
Speaking of "martial arts" I used to actually teach Judo. I also practiced Karate for 
a while. But after I damaged my back during one Judo lesson and made it permanent 
during a weightlifting session, that put paid to that. Later I developed arthritis in 
my neck, knees, fingers and wrists which means as my job entailed a lot of lifting I 
am now on permanent "sick" because I have to walk with the aid of a walking stick. 
As I no longer work I read a lot, play on my Xbox 360, Wii, watch t.v, watch movies, 
watch DVD's, listen to music, that's when I'm not preoccupied with my daughters. I 
did start going to college studying Sociology, Social Policy, English and IT. I was 
hoping to get an NCEF in Sociology, Social Policy and Psychology. I just wanted a 
"pass" in IT. 
I actually passed my English with an "A." I needed to pass these so I could go on to 
University. Where I wanted to gain a Degree (then maybe go higher) in Psychology. But 
fate "stuck it to me" again. In the week before I finished (with what would have been 
full passes in all, I was later informed), I had my first Epileptic fit (at age 33!?!) 
so I ended up in hospital for what should have been my finishing week. Seems the fit 
was so bad, it was almost the equivalent of a stroke. Since then, I have lost some of 
my memory and have become very forgetful, sometimes also slurring my words.  
Below is a short list of my memberships and organisations that I support.!

Sign to support vaccines for AIDS!!

Well there you go. A little delve into my psyche as well as a couple of photos
that probably should never have seen the light of day.
Hope this answered your questions.

By the way. Before I go. For all you kiddies out there who have always wondered
about how Easter eggs were made. Well, here is your answer.......

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