"What the Cacodaemon Whispered"
Chad Hensley


This chapbook is a 24-page, two-color digest with over a dozen bizarre poems. Cover and interior art by HE Fassl.


"Sick, macabre, and charged with lyrical intensity."
Nasty Piece of Work

"Chad's poems are populated by nightmares and strange creatures that will whisk you off on dark wing-filled winds to lonely lands where the sun never rises. Reading them, I find myself enchanted..."

"Chad Hensley's verse whispers of the darkness that surrounds each of us in a voice that is as chilling as it is lyrical. A worthy volume to put alongside those of Brennan and Wandrei."
John Pelan, publisher of MIDNIGHT HOUSE


"Little Youkai at the Witch House"
"Another Empty Night"
"The Call"
"Night Carnival"
"Nethermost Cavern"
"The Amaranth"
"Pains of the Sufferer"
"Feast of Lilith"
"Savings and Loan"
"Keep Sakes"
"Ghost of the Nuclear City"
"Mother Lilith"
"The Night Children's Wardrobe"

Available via credit card at Project Pulp

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