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Updated January 19th, 2006

Flesh & Blood is a multi award-winning dark fantasy fiction magazine published quarterly. It is a 50+ page magazine featuring a variety of the strange and offbeat behind its full color cover.

We will look at fiction up to 5,000 words. We are no longer considering reprints. Stories must possess a strong sense/feel of the strange, offbeat, darkly fantastic, unnatural, and/or surreal. We will not consider stories without at least one or more of these elements. Fiction that deals with serial killers, stereotypical plots (zombies, vampires, cats, etc), revenge, blatant gore, and sex will not be the proper match for F&B magazine. Contrary to the magazine's title, we'd rather steer clear of the "flesh" and "blood" in fiction and place a bigger emphasis on the subtle and strange. Nevermind sending a proposal/synopsis. Instead, send the complete manuscript with mention of your background (if any) in the cover letter. We accept electronic submissions in the body of email (preferably) and as MS Word attachments.
We will only consider UP TO four submissions per author per year.

Same guidelines for fiction apply to poetry: strange, unnatural, and plain old weird is what we want. Keep poems down to at least one typed page or less, and please send no more than five poems at a time. Poems that rhyme will have very little chance at being bought; poems with themes about love, desire, heartache, vampires, etc will also not be considered.

We generally solicit artwork from one or more of our Staff Artists, but we're also looking to add to this list. Feel free to send a portfolio of color/B&W art to the submissions address or attached as JPEG's to Jack Fisher. Should we decide to assign you a job, payment will be negotiated.

F&B is staffed with nonfiction contributors, but you may send your book or magazine to one of our reviewers for possible review in an issue of Flesh & Blood magazine. For further information, see the Reviewers section. If you have any questions, contact Jack Fisher or that reviewer individually.

Fiction: $.02-$.05 cents/word on publication
Poetry: $10 - $20/poem
Plus one contributor's copy.

Response time: 2-3 months, but averaging 1-2 weeks at present. There is the possibility that your submission may not make it to us via email. To avoid this, send it USPS. As redundant as this may sound to you, we DO get A LOT of email every day and do not appreciate having to match names to stories in an attempt to confirm receipt of a submission. Despite this and despite what you may hear about our swift response times, this is subject to change. DO NOT QUERY ON THE STATUS OF YOUR SUBMISSION BEFORE 90 DAYS.

Please include a SASE with all paper submissions. All stories must abide by "proper manuscript format." Please send only one submission at a time and wait for a reply before sending another. All email submissions should be sent to the attention of Jack Fisher only and emailed to the appropriate address below. We are no longer considering reprints. If you have any additional questions in any regard, please contact Teri A. Jacobs, Assistant Editor. You may also contact Flesh & Blood Press directly at (848) 992-2230.

Email submissions to

USPS submissions should be mailed to:

Flesh & Blood Press
Attn: Jack Fisher
121 Joseph Street
Bayville, NJ 08721



Jack Fisher, Editor in Chief/Publisher

Teri A. Jacobs, Senior Editor

Sean Wallace, Assistant Editor

Jon Hodges, Copyeditor

Jon Rietan, Assistant Fiction Editor

Street Address:

Flesh & Blood Press
Attn: Jack Fisher
121 Joseph Street
Bayville, NJ 08721



Flesh & Blood magazine runs dark fantasy/horror fiction reviews in each issue. Please send your book or magazine to one of the following reviewers of your choice. Sending something doesn't guarantee a review. For any additional questions regarding review material, email Jack Fisher, Publisher, at, or the individual reviewer you'd like to send your work to. Please do not send any manuscript submissions to any of the reviewers; they are to be directed to the Publisher.

William Gagliani
F&B Reviews
PO Box 11921
Milwaukee, WI 53211-0921


Darrell Schweitzer
F&B Reviews
6644 Rutland St
Philadelphia, PA 19149-2128


Monica. J. O'Rourke
F&B Reviews
PO Box 755
New York, NY 10009


Wayne Edwards
F&B Reviews
PO Box 231229
Anchorage, AK 99523-1229


Drew Williams
F&B Reviews
804 Penmon Dr.
Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526


Don D'Ammassa
F&B Reviews
323 Dodge Street
East Providence, RI 02914


Sebastien Pharand
F&B Reviews
3421 Sarsfield Rd.
Sarsfield, Ontario
K0A 3E0 Canada


Garrett Peck
F&B Reviews
266 Wisteria Rd.
St. Augustine, FL 32086-6732




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