Jack Fisher

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Jack has been publishing F&B magazine for five years, and has sold over two hundred of his own short works, some of them more notably to Cemetery Dance, Space & Time, Dark Regions, Black October, Horror Garage, City Slab, The Urbanite and several anthologies. He's been the Senior Editor at Catalyst Books, Assistant Editor at Zoetrope, and Senior Editor of the online Goth zine, Skin & Bones. He's also edited anthologies for Prime Books and Eraserhead Press. A poem he and Wendy Rathbone wrote together was nominated for a Rhysling Star Award, and Jack's story, "Blowing Kisses in the Wind" was recommended for the Pushcart Prize. His short story, "Something Whispers From Within the Shadows" won first place in The Harrow's (www.theharrow.com) short fiction contest. Jack is an Active member of the Horror Writer's Association and the Vice President for the Garden State Horror Writer's association.

He resides in New Jersey where he is an EMT-Paramedic.


Teri Jacobs

Teri A. Jacobs writes dark fiction, mostly of the strange and surreal ilk. Her first novel, The Void, was published by Leisure Books, and her second novel, Secrets Of The Bones, will be published first as a limited hardcover edition (Catalyst Press, Oct 2004) then as a trade paperback (Prime Books, March 2005). At the moment, Teri's working on her third novel, The Quiene of Pharie (title subject to change again, and again). Her short fiction can be found in such places as F&B, Gothic.net, Horror Garage, Dark Testament, Decadence 1 and 2, etc. Visit her site of Oblivion for more information: http://terijacobs.darkgriffon.net


Sean Wallace

Sean Wallace was born in Miami, Florida, on January 1, 1976. He has worked
or works with a number of publishing companies, including Wildside Press,
Gryphon Books, Catalyst Press, and Flesh and Blood Press. He currently works
as a senior editor for Wildside Press, which includes the following
imprints: Cosmos Books, Prime Books, Dominion, Library Empyreal, and
Congress. His projects include such anthologies as Strange Pleasures 1 and
Fantasy Annuals 1 through 5 and the bibliographies: The Tall Adventurer: The
Works of E.C. Tubb, with Philip Harbottle; and Eric Frank Russell: Our
Sentinel in Space: A Working Bibliography, with Phil Stephensen-Payne.

His interests range the gamut: paperback and pulp collecting, research
studies, publishing, genre histories, computers, and racquetball. He
currently resides in Hatfield, PA, with his two cats, Amber and Jade.


Jon Hodges

Jon Hodges began as an author in 2nd grade, played around with plaigarism of James Howe novels until he was old enough to know better, and has been writing dark fiction off & on ever since under the byline Jonathan William Hodges, having been published most notably in Flesh & Blood (prior to his tenure on staff), Sick: An Anthology of Illness, Hadrosaur Tales, The Edge: Tales of Suspense, Extremes 4: Darkest Africa, and will have fiction soon enough in Space & Time, The Wicked Will Laugh Anthology, and others. He is the editor-in-chief of Blindside Publishing (Wicked Hollow Magazine) and operates ProjectPulp.com, the online marketplace for the independent press. He spends his life paranoid, anxious, worrisome, fearful, surrounded by Scandinavian metal, and catalogues it all on his website: http://blindside.net/JonHodges
or you can view his professional-minded
LiveJournal at http://blindsidepubs.livejournal.com.


Jonathan Reitan


Jonathan Reitan works full time at a small bi-weekly newspaper, he resides in Salem, Oregon and is the founder of the Northwest Horror Professionals. He serves as a contributing editor to Dark Discoveries magazine and his book reviews and interviews have appeared in Cemetery Dance, Dark Discoveries, Talebones, HorrorWorld.org, The Horror Fiction Review and Shocklines.com. He was on Stephen King and Peter Straub's Black House street team and has done online marketing for authors Douglas Clegg and Ray Garton, artist Ronda Sheel, the unofficial Stephen King fanclub SKEMERs, and for PalaverCon 2005. On his free time he travels to various horror related conventions and conferences throughout the year including World Horror Convention, HWA Weekend, HorrorFind Weekend, NeCon, and SKEMERs Con. He is a part-time church pianist, a member of the Rose City Gay Freedom Band and his house is full of Stephen King and horror collectibles.