Don as the Wolf Man on way to St. Benedict High School Mardi Gras dance (1962). Movie footage of this was spliced into "Monster Rumble" (1961).

      “I sometimes made ‘personal appearances’ made-up or costumed as various characters from my amateur movies – either before or after the films were shot. Usually these appearances were at science fiction or horror type conventions, Halloween parties or school costume dances. Most times I showed up at these events as a werewolf.
      “The following photo gallery shows some of those appearances.”

Don Glut's first public appearance as the Wolf Man was for the Blaine School Halloween dance (Chicago, 1957)

Don as a Teenage Werewolf at Blaine School Halloween Dance, 1958.

Don Glut as Teenage Werewolf at St. Benedict High School Madri Gras dance, Spring 1961

Wolf Man photo by Peter Gowland (1964).

Don Glut as Count Dracula, St. Benedict High School
Madri Gras dance, 1959.

Don Glut as Spy Smasher at Westercon Convention
in California, 1965.

Don's Franken Berry costume made by Larry M. Byrd.

Don Glut as Franken Berry with Forrest J Ackerman at the World Science Fiction Convention, 1972 (LA Con)

Don Glut as Solomon Grundy, 1st Witchcraft & Sorcery Convention, 1971.

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