TV Guide ad for Jeepers Creepers show on Channel 13.

      “Of all the amateur movies I’d made over the years, just a few of them do not fit in any category. These are Jeepers Creepers Car Chase, Wrath of the Sun Demon and For What Purpose?, all of which were made in Southern California.

      “Jeepers Creepers Car Chase" was intended to be a lead-in for a car commercial on Jeepers’ Creepers, a local (KCOP, Channel 13, Los Angeles) television show that ran old horror movies. The ‘horror host’ of the show, at the time I made my film, was called Jeepers’ Keeper, played by character actor Fred Stuthman. I neglected to take any still photographs during this Malibu, California shoot (although I did take a full reel of 8mm color, behind-the-scenes footage). The photos reproduced here are excerpted from a set that I shot during one of the tapings of the show. The entire set constituted my first assignment upon entering the USC cinema department in 1964.

      “Wrath of the Sun Demon" was a University of Southern California cinema project for a screen-writing class. Shot in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park, it starred my friend and mentor Bob Burns who – via an in-camera dissolve – metamorphosed into the familiar monster wearing the same mask actor Robert Clarke wore in the cult movie The Hideous Sun Demon. It did not get a terrific grade but was fun to make.

      “For What Purpose?" was also a USC film-school project. Art films (which I generally hated) were being foisted upon us at the time and so, after being told what the assignment was to include, I made this as a kind of ‘put-on,’ my personal statement on pretentious art films. I doubt my teacher really got the joke or understood my intent, as he gave me one of my relatively few really good cinema grades for this film.”

“JEEPERS CREEPERS CAR CHASE” (1965, black & white): Jeepers’ Keeper (Fred Stuthman) is spotted by enemy spies. He flees in his car and is pursued by the villains. After a chase along a mountain road, Jeepers’ Keeper swerves out of the way. The spies’ car plunges off a cliff, exploding in the valley below. Surviving, our hero segues into an automobile commercial.

“WRATH OF THE SUN DEMON” (1965, black & white): Driving his car crazily, Gil (Bob Burns) almost collides with another car. Leaving his wife in the car, he rushes outside, his body affected strangely by the sun’s rays. Gil runs off and transforms into the Hideous Sun Demon. When his wife goes looking for Gil, the Sun Demon attacks her. The man who had almost collided with Gil’s car hears the woman scream and goes off to investigate, only to find himself in a savage fight with the solar-transformed monster. In the end, the Sun Demon leaps, missing the man and fatally plunging off the cliff into the valley below.

“FOR WHAT PURPOSE?” (1966, black & white) Two young men spot a film case lying on the ground. Both of them want that case and what it contains. Shoving leads to hitting and the two guys are soon engaged in a violent fight. One of them finally wins, possibly killing the other and then claiming the prized case. Opening it, he finds that the case only contains a not-too-subtle anti-violence message. He walks off in disgust.

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