Phantom of the Opera, Don’s first horror make-up (1957). Don was strongly influenced by the recently seen Lon Chaney biography movie Man of a Thousand Faces.

      “I guess I’ve always been a ‘ham.’ Over the years I’ve enjoyed masquerading – for various events, tests and other reasons – as characters out of the disparate worlds of make-believe. When I was younger these get-ups were usually made by my patient mother Julia Glut. Below are photos showing some of those characters.”

Halloween (1952).

Coney Island (1953).

Pirate, one of Don's earliest make-ups (1957).

8th Grade Werewolf (1958).

Don’s first Frankenstein Monster make-up (summer, 1958).

Don’s first Frankenstein Monster make-up in color (summer, 1958).

Ranger Donnie (early 1950s).

Don (ca. 1964) wearing the costume from Republic Pictures’ Captain America movie serial. © Bob Burns.

"Hopalong" Glut (May, 1951).

Davy Crockett (1955).

Old King Cole and Little Bo Peep (Don and Kathy Jane Karstens), St. Andrew kindergarten pageant, 1950.

The "Three Musketeers" (Don, Kathy Karstens and Bert Ott, ca. 1954).

Halloween, 1949.

Country and Western "roots", Feb. 1949.

"Geronimo" Glut (1948).

Soldier Boy (1949).

Cub Scout Thanksgiving Pageant (1950).

Halloween, 1953.

As Dr. Zorba (extreme left) in summer, 1960,
promoting William Castle's movie.

Second day of 13 GHOSTS promotion, wearing a mask.

Don (January, 1965) in “Klinker” robot suit worn in The Phantom Empire and Captain Video chapterplays. © Bob Burns.
Don with glasses, big nose, wig & fangs: Photo (summer, 1966) for a mail-order ad in the 4th issue of Modern Monsters magazine.
Another Modern Monsters ad (summer, 1966).

Don (August, 1965) in make-up by Mark Shepard using original latex appliance from the movie The Night Walker.

In Don Post Creature from the Black Lagoon custom mask and claws (August, 1965).

As Mad Max with actress Angela Ames at Don's
"Fantasy Party" (August 23, 1986).

Halloween party, 1997.

Don as Dr. Frankenstein with actress
Loren Kinsella, Halloween, 2003.


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