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Poster by William Armstrong

      "MONSTER RUMBLE " was my amateur version of 'HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN' by way of the 'teenage monster' movies of the late 1950s and early 1960s. It was a sequel to a number of my earlier efforts - 'I WAS A TEENAGE VAMPIRE' (1959), 'THE TEENAGE FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE TEENAGE WEREWOLF' (1959), 'REVENGE OF THE TEENAGE WEREWOLF' (1960), and, in a way, 'I WAS A TEENAGE APEMAN' (1959), and included 'flashback' events from 'THE FRANKENSTEIN STORY' (1958) and 'THE TEENAGE FRANKENSTEIN' (1959). Some 300 feet of unusable 16mm color footage was originally shot (I’d inadvertently photographed it through the telephoto lens of my new Bell & Howell 70 movie camera!) with a somewhat different cast of actors, including Wendell Tillman first playing the Teenage Frankenstein and Ray Genovaldi the Teenage Werewolf. In the final version I played 8 different roles - the Teenage Dracula, Teenage Frankenstein Monster, the original Frankenstein Monster, Wolf Man (in a cameo), a hooded executioner and 3 decomposing corpses. Friends played the other roles."



      The plot: The Teenage Dracula is trying to reach the cemetery, where his coffin is hidden in a mausoleum , before the sun completely rises, but decomposes at the gate . Shortly thereafter, teenaged Reese Renfield (Wayne Moretti) accidentally cuts his finger at the site, his blood reviving the Teenage Vampire. Meanwhile, Tony Rivers, the Teenage Werewolf (Tom Werner), is shot to “death” in an alley by two teenagers (Don Palm, John Bolanos). He easily revives and kills one of them (Bolanos).
      Renfield goes to a tavern but nobody (Dan Mullen, Frank Palm) believes his story of bringing a vampire back to life. Dracula, emerging from his coffin as a mist, hunts down Renfield, bites him and makes him his slave, then moves back into his castle hidden in a swamp . Leaving Renfield and his giant robot Fido (itself) to guard the castle, the vampire leaves in bat form and tracks down the Teenage Werewolf. After killing the teenager (Palm) who shot him, the lycanthrope reverts back to human form. Promising to cure Tony, Dracula and the other teenager form an alliance.

      Although he gives Tony some tests, the Teenage Dracula has other plans. He reads from 'The Secrets of Life and Death', Dr. Frankenstein’s diary, about the creation of the original Monster. In a “flashback,” we see that mad scientist (Charles Martinka), aided by his broken-necked assistant Ygor (Richard Hagopian), creating and bringing the Frankenstein Monster to life. In another flashback we see how Dr. Frankenstein was also once assisted by Wolf Man Lawrence Talbot.

      Dracula also learns how the Teenage Frankenstein Monster had supposedly perished in a recent forest fire. Finding the creature’s charred remains in the woods, he revives it and brings it back to his castle where a laboratory has been set up.
      During the day and left alone, Renfield reads up on vampire lore, learning how to destroy Dracula. At night, Dracula proceeds to return the Teenage Frankenstein Monster to full strength. During the electrical experiment the neglected Tony transforms back into the Teenage Werewolf and goes out on the prowl. Before the experiment is complete, the sun begins to rise. Dracula, who in his enthusiasm has lost track of the time, hurries to his coffin only to discover that it has been contaminated by Renfield with wolfbane and a Crucifix. Now free of the vampire’s control, Renfield lets in the sunlight, and then pounds a stake into Dracula’s heart. Renfield watches the vampire decompose. Now a bug-eating madman, he turns up the power on the lab machines. Fully revived, the Teenage Frankenstein breaks free of his bonds. Unable to control the creature, Renfield flees, only to run into the fangs and claws of the Teenage Werewolf. The two teenage horrors then battle to the death, inadvertently setting off a series of explosions that destroy the castle.
      In a final cameo, the hand of the Teenage Apeman appears, emptying a test tube of liquid that forms a question mark.

      "The Teenage Dracula (but none of the other teenage monsters) survived into one last film, 'DRAGSTRIP DRACULA' (1962). But a variation of the character (and some of the others) refuses to die. Frontline Entertainment, the film production company in which I am a partner (and which made the movie 'DINOSAUR VALLEY GIRLS'), plans in the near future to make a professional motion picture inspired by the basic premise of 'MONSTER RUMBLE.' It will feature a Teenage Dracula, Frankenstein Monster, Werewolf, Zombie, 'Creature' and Witch, with a guest appearance by a famous TV 'Horror Host.' Watch for … 'TEENAGE MONSTER RUMBLE', hopefully “coming soon.”

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