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June 4th 2003

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, slasherpool is getting a brand new design in short time so stick with us. Three new reviews today, all relatively positive for Winter Lily, Hell's Highway and Backstabbed.


May 21st 2003

We continue to follow the pattern by updating with three new reviews. All negative ones so enjoy. Dark Walker, Axe aka Californa Axe Massacre and Night Screams. Sorry for the trailer update delay, we're working on it.


May 18th 2003

Three new reviews today and there are two in editing process so expect another update in one or two days along with a few trailers. Reviews for 28 Days Later, May & New Blood.


May 11th 2003

The trailer update is almost here, I'm just sucking on it for just a little while longer. Three new reviews today though, all fresh movies. Two very negative reviews for Bog Creatures and the new spanish ghostmovie Nos Miran and a neutral review for the new asylum movie Hellborn.


May 10th 2003

Four days has gone since the last update so I thought that it might be appropriate to post four new reviews. First we have a neutral review for the new horrormovie "They", then we have a more negative review for the new slasher "Cheerleader Massacre". I also took the time to write a positive review for "Antropophagus" and a negative review for "Urban Legends: Final Cut". Stay tuned for more updates!


May 6th 2003

Two new reviews today aswell for the new supernatural Thai slasher 999-9999 and for the new hit movie Identity. A new traile update is awaiting in the next update so stay tuned for mor fun!

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